MisTIMBERstood: The Forest's Forgotten Firefighters

We admire firefighters for risking their lives to protect our homes and communities, but often demonize loggers for doing the same in our forests.

Although firefighters are certainly deserving of celebration, the timber industry plays an equally important role on the front lines of forest fire prevention and control. 

Take a closer look at logging in the state of Oregon, and learn how loggers protect communities against fire by maintaining forest health and restoring landscapes after fire occurs, to ensure they continue to produce clean air, high quality water and green building materials.

This video was developed in partnership with the Associated Oregon Loggers. Learn more about AOL at https://oregonloggers.org/



We the Forest transforms forest management through storytelling. Our approach helps forestry professionals who want to build support for responsible forest management by sharing enlightening perspectives and helping forest stakeholders find common ground. 

We are dedicated to building common ground on the many sides of the timber production conversation, showing sustainable forest-first practices can provide solutions for catastrophic wildfire prevention, bug and disease reduction, climate change mitigation, and resource stewardship.

Ensuring our forests are around for years to come is something that should be our utmost priority. Through education like this, we can come together to understand the importance of restoration and collaboration to protect our forests from catastrophic wildfire, and create a more sustainable reality. 

Transforming forest management through storytelling.

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