Who We Are

Transforming forest management through storytelling. 

We The Forest is forest management storytelling for forestry professionals. Our storytelling helps forestry professionals — such as public land managers, NGOs, and private industry — who want to build support for responsible forest management by sharing enlightening perspectives and helping forest stakeholders find common ground.


  • We share relevant, rational information — highlighting crucial issues concerning forest health and providing a wider platform for those who speak for it. We boost news and op-eds that can get vital data into the hands of more policymakers and influencers.
  • We focus on the forest as a renewable resource — centering the conversation around the positive ecological impact of effective forest management. We believe there are shared goals on many sides of the timber production conversation, and we want to foster dialogue that leads to attaining those goals — including, but not limited to:
    • catastrophic wildfire prevention
    • bugs/disease reduction
    • climate change mitigation, and 
    • resource stewardship.    
  • We tell powerful stories, powerfully — developing the kind of content campaigns, visual and written, that grab people’s attention and spur a groundswell of change. We have over 50 videos and a few short to mid-length documentary series that engage with real individuals and communities in the West to unpack the impact of harmful policies — and celebrate successful collaborations — related to our forests.
  • We’re building a community and a network — using the modern reach of lifestyle brand advocacy and a digital platform to connect people from all walks who share a common passion for the longevity of America’s forests.





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