Thinning the Blaze: Enhancing Forest Resilience


In our latest video, we delve into the critical practice of mechanical thinning and its role in protecting our forests from devastating wildfires. Over decades, our forests have become unnaturally dense, making them highly susceptible to severe wildfires. Through expert insights and scientific research, we explore how mechanical thinning, combined with prescribed burns, can create healthier, more resilient forests.

Highlights from the Video:
- Understand the dangers of overgrown forests and ladder fuels.
- Learn how mechanical thinning disrupts fire pathways.
- Discover the benefits of combining thinning with prescribed burns.
- Hear from experts like Eric Knapp, Pacific Southwest Research Station Ecologist.

This video was produced in partnership with the Federal Forest Resource Coalition (FFRC), underscoring our shared commitment to sustainable forest management and wildfire prevention.

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Further Reading:
- Mechanical Thinning and Prescribed Fire: Research Insights
- Fire Ecology Research
- Oregon State University: Forest Restoration Studies

Together, let's make our forests stronger and more resilient.


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